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August 23, 2022
Strike Industries PDW Stabilizer: Pistol Brace Goodness

Check out this quality option to stabilize your AR pistol.

August 10, 2022
Bear Creek Arsenal’s 7.62x39 18” Mid-Length Gas System Sporter Slick Side Upper

Bear Creek Arsenal keeps on updating their complete upper assembly offerings. Much to my delight.

March 25, 2022
Primary Arms SLx 3x32mm Gen III Prism Scope

Are you in the market for a prism scope?

January 5, 2022
Anderson Manufacturing’s Optic Ready 16” 7.62x39 Complete Upper

Let's take a look at a 7.62x39 chambered complete upper from the good folks at Anderson Manufacturing.

October 2, 2021
7.62x39 Ammunition Comparison: What is the Best Way Feed Your AR-47?

With the wide range of 7.62x39 ammunition available at this moment in time I decided it was time to find out which ammunition delivers the best accuracy out of a 16 inch AR-47.

August 15, 2021
Blackwood Trading Co.: How to Church up Your AR or AK

Are you looking for a way to make you AR build stand out from the aesthetically humdrum sea of AR builds out there?

May 1, 2021
Anderson Manufacturing AR-15 Lower Parts Kit with Stainless Hammer and Trigger

Are you in the market for a lower parts kit for your next build? Read this first.

March 27, 2021
Bear Creek Arsenal: 7.62x39 16” Side Charging Complete Upper (Gen 2)

Will your next AR-47 be a side charger?

January 17, 2021
Black Rifle Arms AR-15 7.62x39 Enhanced Firing Pin

Have light primer strike issues when using steel cased ammunition with your Bear Creek Arsenal 7.62x39 Upper?